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Christian Persecution Increased Worldwide in 2021
Dec 29, 2021

Christian Persecution Increased Worldwide in 2021

2021 saw Christian populations persecuted in countries around the world, usually without attracting a great deal of headline media coverage. Christian advocacy group Open Doors found over 340 million Christians facing “high levels of persecution” across the globe, which works out to one-eighth of… Continue Reading...
The Dhimmitude of the West A New Trajectory
Dec 01, 2021

The Dhimmitude of the West: A New Trajectory?

Dhimmitude is an Islamic phenomenon. It describes the condition of submission to Islamic dominance, yet without conversion to the Islamic faith. Under classical theological formulations, developed in the first centuries of Islam, the region where Islam rules is known as Dar al-Islam ‘the House of… Continue Reading...
UK Over 2000 churches closed in the last 10 years
Nov 03, 2021

UK: Over 2,000 churches closed in the last 10 years

A report shows that closure was particularly acute in inner-city areas. “There is hope. We encourage people to find hope and relevance in their local churches”, researchers say. According to a research from The Brierley Research Consultancy, “the number of churches open and being used for worship… Continue Reading...